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A refreshing, flavoursome and most importantly ready to drink, craft gin and tonic. 100% Tasmanian made.

Based in Southern Tasmania with some of the world’s purest waters, cleanest air and nicest people, we’ve worked hard to create Tasmania’s first ever 100% Tasmanian made ready to drink gin and tonic. Little Gin Co ready to drink gin and tonic is low in sugar and full of natural botanical flavour., designed to be drunk straight from the bottle, no mixing or garnishes required. Ideal for iconic Aussie BBQs, beach days, dinner dates or a casual night at home (our favourite).

Our tonic

Made using 100% natural ingredients:

  •           Cinchona Bark: Our natural source of quinine and the ingredient that makes tonic taste bitter. This bark also makes our gin and tonic a peachy tangerine colour.
  •          Tasmanian Mountain PepperberryTasmannia Lanceolata: Found only in the native woodlands and rainforests of our island home.
  •           Lemon and lime juice: So you don’t need to garnish!
  •           Cane sugar: All tonic needs a bit of sweetness, so we choose to use unrefined cane sugar.
  •           Citric acid: Naturally found in citrus fruits and gives our products a longer shelf life.
  •           Tasmanian mountain water.

Our gin

We wanted a gin that stood out. One that you can really taste when you’re drinking your G&T. A gin that captures the essence of Tassie, not to mention we wanted a gin made that tastes delicious! Triple the botanicals and flavour without tripling the alcohol. ignite

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